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Editor the open-source visual editor

Why use Behavior3 Editor?

  • It is open source under MIT license, you can use this software freely, adapt it to your need. You can also contribute with bug fixes, suggestions and patches to make it better.
  • The editor can export the trees to JSON files, following an open format. If there is no official reader on your favorite language yet, you can develop your own library.
  • The editor works above the basis created by Behavior3JS, which in turn is based on formal description of behavior trees. Thus, the editor provides a stable solution to model agents for your games or other applications such as robotics and simulations in general.
  • It focus on providing an easy, clean, and intuitive tool for programmers and non-programmers. If there is something obscure or too difficult to use, report it immediately!
  • Create your own node types and customize nodes instances individually. Create several projects and trees, change titles, colors and add properties.
  • Does not depends on other tools/editors/engines.

Main Features

  • Create your own custom nodes.
  • Edit individual node properties.
  • Create and manage multiple trees and projects.
  • Customize node colors, editor colors, snapping, sizes, etc.
  • Import and export to JSON.
  • Auto organize the whole by typing "a".